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cloudy with a chance of profit

Have you heard
that Whit Wolfe-Herd
let out a grumble
that her dating app Bumble
regards meaningful relationships
to be existential threats?
"risk factors."

When her users pair up
her profits go down.
This attention economy
makes us all a commodity.

So tonight I can't sleep
because a thought came to creep
that if I were to die today
would Bumble still find a way
to keep serving my physiognomy
as an attentional entrée?

Not if, but for how many days?
The EULA says I'm here for 30 more days.
I'll live on in your match queues for 30 more days
before the algorithms yank my display.
Don't reveal my last login or you'll give the game away.
Digital corpses still smell
like profit.

Swipe left or swipe right;
I don't care; I'm a ghost
you see my profile; I see you're a host.
your attention consumed while the capitalists boast
swipe after swipe, willpower sclerosed
I'm just some bytes on your screen
yet I silently scream
as you look my way,
and in your poor naïveté,
you press play
and hear me say
my voice preserved, like yesterday
when I pressed record, then passed away.
Is this what it's like to be ghosted?

I'll see you in the cloud.

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