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    ...a memoir

    my art is social.

    essential, yet frequently ephemeral.

    it banks on butterfly effects

    and stitching perspectives

    so we feel more connected

    and less alone.

  • i make art, and hoard artifacts

    "steve you look like someone who does TED Talks" ~ Braeden, on social networking app Kippo, 2023 ...
    November 13, 2023 · dating,dating app,dating industry,dating scams,fake users
    "What's something that feels like it should be illegal to know?" I've come across many horrors...
    Dragon Psychology 101 - Revisionist HistoryAmerican Police - Throughline Rob - Heavyweight...
  • projects, collaborations, etc.

    aka, i can't help but get involved in other people's shit,

    and occasionally start my own

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    biweekly speaker series colloquially called TED with Friends (and booze). Ran from 2015-2020 (pandemic). Soon to be revived. Will weed replace booze? Only YOU can decide! Stay tuned.

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    invite 500 people to a food court. fill the tables with questions that sow the seeds of friendship. wait 4-6 hours. see what grows. repeat monthly.

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    my grandma takes pride in my photos and paintings and told me I should put my artwork online [and sell it]. if she knew about the art i already do put online (podcasts), she might realize my problematic relationship with capitalism.

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    Partnered with a VR company in NYC to take over a 5 story building and turn it into a wonka factory for VR, AI, digital art, and social impact. Gandalfed together a fellowship of 100 creatives, artists, and technologists. Then, things took a dark turn...